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“A Was an Apple Pie” Lyrics

“A Was an Apple Pie” Lyrics

Nursery rhymes for your kids. Now You Read And Heard Your Children and they are learning rhymes.

“A Was an Apple Pie” Lyrics

A was an apple pie
B bit it,
C cut it,
D dealt it,
E eat it,
F fought for it,
G got it,
H had it,
I inspected it,
J jumped for it,
K kept it,
L longed for it,
M mourned for it,
N nodded at it,
O opened it,
P peeped in it,
Q quartered it,
R ran for it,
S stole it,
T took it,
U upset it,
V viewed it,
W wanted it,
X, Y, Z and ampersand
All wished for a piece in hand.

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